Bryan Helm

 “I have the utmost respect for the racers, flat trackers, hooligans, board trackers, drag racers … they put a lot on the line."

 A Fine Art and Commercial Photographer based in Brooklyn, NY. 

As a younger photographer in 1998 I was pretty enamored with documenting the whole motorcycle culture: badass bikes; colorful, grisly, tattooed characters; beautiful, interesting women; leather; and loud music were pretty enticing. Dipping my toes in, I may have been a little trepidatious photographing everything at the time. But as the years went on, and I started making several friends and acquaintances, it really helped me gain access and more confidence. Approaching strangers, striking up a conversation, then being granted the opportunity to take some great photos was always, and still is very rewarding to me. In turn leading to photographing a multitude of people with interesting personalities, as well as celebrity bike builders, including Indian Larry, Paul Cox, and Billy Lane, to name a few. Over the years he has started to cover more of the vintage bike races and events throughout North America and Europe. 

Luerzer's Archive has selected him numerous times for their Top 200 Advertising Photographers Worldwide publications. He has also won various awards with Communication Arts, AI-AP, ADCC, Black and White Spider Awards and Applied Arts. 

Bryan has a pretty broad range of appreciation for different cultures, and is always searching for the new and unexpected. Never shy, Bryan is happy to jump on his bike last minute and go on any adventure.