THE NEW YORK TIMES, February 25, 2021

A surreal representation of resilience and resignation.

Photographs by Russell Monk with Text by Valerie Mejer Caso

Mr. Monk is a photographer. Ms. Mejer Caso is a Mexican poet and visual artist.

SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE, Mexico - We Mexicans live behind masks of our own creation, even if in these portraits they are more a symbolic gesture of futility than protection.

Masks have long been a part of our cultural history, from the Lucha Libre masks to those worn for la Danza de los Viejitos, a traditional folk dance from the State of Michoacán.

They are like a garment that protects our vulnerabilities and allows us to express ourselves.

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Georgina, Aug. 5.
Martin, Aug. 1.
 Jessika, Aug. 2.
Adolpho, July 23.
Miguel, July 23.
Maria, Aug. 7.
Valentina, Aug. 4.
Miguel, July 30.

Oliver, Aug. 5.
Pedro, Aug. 3.

Jose, July 29.

Yoli, July 13.

Mariano, Aug. 4.


Ikar, July 27.

Salvador, July 14.

Deelan, July 27.

Isabelle, July 14.

Juan, July 23.

Claudia, July 28.

Russell Monk is a documentary and fine-art photographer. Valerie Mejer Caso is a Mexican poet, visual artist and translator. She is the author recently of the book, "Edinburgh Notebook."

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