Alterity: Brendan Meadows

My goal has always been to enable the viewer to question what they think they've always understood rather than delivering what they've come to expect.


-Brendan Meadows

The core truth and nature of our identity can be objectively represented by the various 'selves' we choose to express, whether consciously or not. The construction of this identity implies the ability to distinguish between self and not-self. Thus, the images in this exhibit seek to transform a set of common portraits into a fully integrated vision by interpreting the usual relationship between the sitter and the photographer to create a fusion of personal duality.
This collection was edited together through a series of experiments in the studio driven by a pure photographic aesthetic. The exhibition includes 8 silver gelatin selenium-toned lith prints and the first solarized digital output to be used for the photographic medium. Manipulating the photographs with the Sabatier effect results in an image that is part negative and part positive.
Historical traditions of printing have been fused with Lambda technology for a truly unique result. Also included are 25 tri-toned gum bichromate prints of extraordinary quality. These exquisite portraits began with the creative imagination of the artist and were then fully realized within the infinite possibilities of the darkroom. The paper choice diffuses the image while enhancing its vibrant qualities. The artist has involved levels of abstract and textural choice into the process that help counterbalance and accentuate each other. The gum bichromate process, which has been used since the 19th century, can be manipulated during development with brushwork and controlling the force of water and temperature. This technique allows a fully realized interpretation and arc of creative control.

We are very proud to be debuting this incredible collection.