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Exhibition Dates: August 27 - September 27 , 2020.

Opening Reception: Saturday, August 29, 2020.

11:00am-5:00pm *Due to Covid-19 we will be hosting hourly receptions in small groups.

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Drawing by Zeljka Alosinac

Photo by Bob Carnie



We wear clothing to both cover and reveal aspects of ourselves at the same time; selecting what we want others to see — the fabricated self. Clothing can hide, expose, redefine and re-contextualize. The artist chose this subject matter as a representation of the layers of meaning of our self-expression. In Zeljka Alosinac’s work, the garment appears within the folds of fabric on a faceless form and the end result is the viewer’s inability to access the individual or fully interpret meaning. The absence of the figure in the work disallows association with identity.


Zeljka’s career spans over 30 years in film set decoration, resulting in a love of fabric, material form, and light and shade on surface. Her chosen medium is large scale drawing on paper with this most recent series introducing the addition of pastel—a purity of pigment empowering the scale of the pieces and resulting in intensity and depth. Her creative process involves sourcing materials and inspiration for each garment. With influences as broad as 18thcentury women’s undergarments, or a window grating seen in Madiera, Zeljka begins by constructing form in 3-dimension, choosing materials; draping, pinning, sewing onto the form—often allowing the material to direct the process. The viewer looks for meaning in the constructed; the 2D rendering.  And for the artist, meaning exists in the construction and the deconstruction; in the process of making.



The drawings are all on BFK Rives paper 30 x 42, framed 36 1/2 x 49, media is charcoal and pastel. 



Bob Carnie is a Toronto based photographer and master printmaker. He owns Alternative Photo Services which has a complete printing facility and The Dylan Ellis photographic gallery onsite.

It has now been over 40 years that Bob has printed for photographers, galleries, museums and private collections. Over those years Bob has pursued a long term project of collecting and shooting various items, objects that we use, consume and in some cases throw away. Bob has captured a unique and quirky history of our times using large format film cameras.


In this series the pageant dresses were custom made for young ladies to compete in and most likely only worn once and never worn again. 

After taking the initial photograph each image was processed in chemicals and reversed or solarized using light exposure during development.


Each image is selected , scanned and then made into four series of separation films that are registered and in the printing process Bob hand coats a mixture of watercolour pigments in a solution of gum arabic  onto watercolour paper and using the historic Gum Bichromate printing process layers down colour and tone to create these uniquely different images that are one of the only permanent photographic processes know today.


Multi-colour Gum Bichromate prints. Each image is approximately 13 x 18 




Photography Exhibit - Solo Show

Exhibition Dates: *NEW DATES October 1 – October 31, 2020

Opening: October 3 - 4, 2020, 4:00 pm – 9:00 pm. Private tours curated by the photographer (aligned with provincial COVID guidelines), attendees to register in advance.



In devastating yet ironically salutary ways, the COVID-19 crisis has thrust nature into our lives like none other. We thought we were in control of our destiny, but we weren’t. Nature attacked with a vengeance. Now we crave nature even more due to lockdowns. We want cleaner air and closer contact with water, solitary woods and marshes. An environmental leader much of his life, Philip Jessup photographs wild landscapes that offer nature-based solutions to climate change. Coastal and inland marshes are among the most valuable—and imperiled—ecosystems on the planet. They soak up and store huge amounts of carbon in their roots and soils and offer a multitude of other benefits, like flood control. By saving them, we can save ourselves. The exhibit covers internationally important Canadian marshes that local governments and environmental organizations have been striving to save and expand—successfully! Jessup’s visually compelling work addresses the tensions between nature and development and has been exhibited across Canada, the U.S., and the U.K., including the V&A Museum in London.


A group CONTACT show produced by Bob Carnie in association with the Dylan Ellis Gallery.

Exhibition Dates: December 2020.

Reception: TBD

Artists in attendance.

Anthony DeLorenzo

Bob Carnie

Laura Patterson

Marlene Hilton Moore

Nadine Wyczolkowski 

Shelagh Howard

Steve Speer

John Lawson

Susan Kerr

John Healey

Lisa Murzin

Paulette Michayluk

Image by John Lawson

Screen Shot 2020-01-19 at 6.12.02 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-01-19 at 6.12.02 PM.png



Exhibition Dates: 2021

Reception: TBD

Artist in attendance.



Deeply immersed in the biker scene, Bryan Helm has documented motorcycle culture through his photography for over 20 years. "FTW-Forever Two Wheels"showcases the images that Bryan has captured over the years, chronicling the unique characters, beautiful motorcycles, stunt riders, racers, and celebrity bike builders he has encountered riding his Harley across the country to bike rallies and vintage races. This exhibition also features a special collaboration with artist Brian Ewing.



Exhibition Dates: SUMMER 2021



Osheen Harruthoonyan is a photographer who merges movement with themes of cultural heritage and renewal. Hand printed on gelatin silver paper, his limited-edition prints bring together images of the micro - the sun, Saturn, mount Ararat - with the micro - specks of dust, tiny organisms - to create a new perspective of the world around us, challenging our perception of familiar sights and landscapes through interweaving themes of hope and wonder into the visual narratives we interact with on a daily basis. Osheen’s work has been featured in numerous international exhibits, collections and publications, most recently at the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto, the Louvre in Paris, as well as features on Vice!, Bravo! Arts, Space Channel, the CBC's "Exhibitionists" and the Marriott Courtyard Hotel in Los Angeles.

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